stern and aft

AFT – Toward the stern of the boat. For example - To find your stateroom, go to the Aloha deck and head aft. Remember, the bow is the pointy end and the stern is the flat end (usually).The rear is the stern. The fore and aft alignment of the vessel in the water. The ships name is painted on the stern of the ship. It is called the stern, as opposed to the stem, which is the forepart of a vessel; they are separated by the midships section. Aft: Aft on a ship means toward the direction of the stern. AIDS TO NAVIGATION – Artificial objects to supplement natural landmarks indicating safe and unsafe waters. Most larger vessels have trimming tanks fitted which enable the trim to be adjusted by pumping in or out sea water ballast. The stern tube is situated at the aft peak of the ship’s hull and the propeller shaft arrangement is also situated at the same level. When a boat is moving in the water, either by motor power or by sail, it is called being underway.A boat moving forward is moving ahead. Further reading: Loss Prevention Report “ Understanding mooring accidents ”, it can be freely downloaded from The aft part of a ship is the stern. The aft of a ship is towards the rear of the ship, or the back of a boat. AGROUND – Touching or fast to the bottom. How to use aft in a sentence. heytarzan - 12/18/2012 10:37 AM. The front end of a boat is called the bow.When you move toward the bow on the boat, you are going forward.The rear of a boat is called the stern.When you move toward the stern on the boat, you are going aft.. The stern is the back or aft-most part of a ship or boat, technically defined as the area built up over the sternpost, extending upwards from the counter rail to the taffrail.The stern lies opposite the bow, the foremost part of a ship.Originally, the term only referred to the aft port section of the ship, but eventually came to refer to the entire back of a vessel. The forward end of the stern tube is supported by the aft peak bulk head and the aft end of the stern tube gets its support from the stern frame of the ship. She may be "down by the head" or stern. AHEAD – In a forward direction. Aft definition is - near, toward, or in the stern of a ship or the tail of an aircraft. The opposite of aft is forward, and the opposite of stern is bow (aka fo'c'sle, or the pointy end). Took the family on a Disney cruise over Thanksgiving. "Stern" refers to the physical back end of a ship - it's a noun. To go towards the rear is to go aft. The word probably originated with the old Norse word stjorn which meant the steering. "Aft" often refers to a direction - it's an adverb. Greg-12/17/2012 8:54 AM View Member Photos Category: Educational Comments: 9. The outboard or aft stern tube seal is located at the aft end of the stern tube. Hans Neleman / Getty Images. The seal’s housing is connected to the ship’s stern tube bossing and the liner is fixed on to the propeller hub. Comments. Boating Terms (bow, stern, aft, beam, etc.) - Stern lines – Mooring lines leading ashore from the after end or poop of a ship, often at an angle of about 45 degrees to the fore and aft line. Related: What to Expect on a Cruise: Getting Around on a Cruise Ship Port: Port refers to the left side of the ship, when facing forward. Usually a vessel is most comfortable in a seaway when trimmed slightly down by the stern.

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