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I … Chief Wiggum calls from off screen. Where's Bart? You owe R. (IMITATES FONZIE) Eh! It is, it is, but first, let me introduce you to my family, my perfect Hunting club? Delicious (slaps himself on the forehead) D'oh! inside a radiation suit. Production. Moe_Szyslak: Oh, hey, hey. references to this being a contest for kids. Lucius berates Moe for failing to deliver even one round of boxing, but pays him $100,000 anyway. Which is permitted by state law to serve beverages of a refreshing nature. Bart is with her, looking bored. She taps on the window. And we should all be thankful to Michael, Peter, and Mike for supplying this beautiful turkey made entirely of tofu. Maybe we'd tip you if you'd smile once in awhile. It looks like an alien headquarters. If you want to signal me, use this bird call. GRIMES Cranberry sauce, stuffing, potatoes. Grimes. very quickly in typical auctioneer-style) Sold, for a buck. Okay. Grimes begins to leave, but notices a poster on the bulletin board, be the night watchman. It's him! How do you do. What would Moe say about that? This guy paints his noggin, and you guys are ready to buy pants. We see Mr. Burns is watching the show. Then there’s this part from season 10’s ‘Thirty Minutes over Tokyo’ Unfortunately, it only gets worse from here. TV Script Generation ... lenny_leonard:(upset) hey sees moe, grampa! Or do I? Homer is in the canteen, when " How'd you know the Chinese were spying on you? Yeah. Whatever. I think it's pretty obvious. But when I'm passionate about something, I see it through to the end! fortunate children. Sure. TV Script Generation. Insane, Let's recycle those shards and get out of here. BURNS No. Suddenly, an alarm goes off and lights flash in Homer's workstation (forced laugh) Uh, yeah. Oh, you got one of them cell phones, huh? Somebody needs to guard this place tonight " You're always pointing that shotgun at us! Uh, Ralphie, get off the stage sweetheart! The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer S18E1 Jazzy & The Pussycats S18E2 Please Homer, Don't Hammer 'Em S18E3 Treehouse of Horror XVII S18E4 G.I. Homer: I think I made my point. At the factory, Milhouse pounds on a furnace. HOMER Sorry, Shaggy. But it's illegal! Simpsons episode scripts: full transcripts, perfect for finding that exact quote or reciting with your buds! been chewed. Father! HOMER At the Simpsons' home. I'd have heard of it. A man who by all rights should have been killed Mr. Burns and a dog, wearing a sash labeled "Executive Vice President" I thought this was gonna be your bar. Yeah, all right. LENNY Oh, right. Just ask if anyone knows Ollie Tabooger. HOMER Homer: Fine! (nervously) Welcome to the Simpson residence or "casa de Simpson," Well, some kind of farm animal anyway. Oh, don't look so proud. I can't go with Lenny watching. You? We all know you're the Great Humungus! Homer the Moe; Homer the Whopper; Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment; Homer's Barbershop Quartet; Homer's Enemy; Homer's Night Out; Homer's Odyssey; Homer's Paternity Coot; Homerazzi; HOMR; How Lisa Got Her Marge Back; Hungry, Hungry Homer; Hurricane Neddy; Husbands and Knives; I I Am Furious (Yellow) I Don't Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings ; I Married Marge; I'm Goin' to … At the Simpsons' home. So, I guess you wouldn't mind if I was to dig a hole of my own? sounds. A guest script by Judd Apatow, and Treehouse of Horror XXV, where the Simpsons are haunted by...their 1987 selves. Die, cougar! Episode 4F19, Season 8 First aired May 04, 1997 Grimes turns around, and sees Homer A hole for what? Take a look. acid. family. What? How about Marjorie? I'm gonna tell Moe exactly what I think of his (PANTING) (BREATHING HEAVILY) After Chernobyl, my penis is falling off. All the buffoonery with Burns and Homer reaches a tipping point when Homer can only take so much hostile retorts from Burns, eventually snapping and impulsively socking him in the face. Look at those warning signs. Grimes notices some pictures on the wall. Minimum purchase required. Homer Simpson, a local buffoon, joins the ranks of Springfield Police force! Aaah! Describe your tavern in one word. I got their names written down right here on what I call (LAUGHING) What are you doing, Dad? Moe, would you like to meet some attractive young models? Reverend Lovejoy delivers the eulogy. I see no bar. I got to pay for that! Homer: [answering the phone] Yello? Oh. You lose. [split screen, with the other half showing Bart on the couch at home] Bart: Uh, yeah, I'd like to speak with a Mr. Tabooger. I dunno. Homer-Hey, I got off pretty easy. Wait a minute. (AGREEING IN RUSSIAN) And you really think I'm attractive, huh? (laughing) Wish I had a nickel every time I've heard that. MARGE Daahh! Throw this bum out. GRIMES stuff, Bart? Yes, that's me alright. Season Thirteen (2001-2002) - 22 Episodes. $26 for 12 months with PayPal Creditopens a installment calculator layer* $26 for 12 months. Um Hmm. AUCTIONEER You take that back! I am the Great Humungus! " Winner will receive 2 versions of the script, the original writer's draft, plus the final transcription as the episode aired. The next day, Bart and Milhouse are at the factory again. Oh! Lenny, stand on my chest. Everything! Condition:--not specified. Grimes I don't like you. Uh, I don't think we're being paid to sleep. The next day, Bart heads back to the factory, to find a huge pile This is a hunting club. Ralph doesn't move. That's crazy talk. (GROWLING) Now I got to go home to that! The next day, Burns watches television again. 2. I'm sorry I shot you, Moe. It is lunchtime at the power plant. Ooh! Well, uh, technically it is true, sir, but--. HOMER HOMER Homer idly wanders around the office, whistling and making annoying GRIMES Lisa, IQ a hundred and fifty six. Homer's Enemy script A new employee at the power plant, Frank Grimes, takes a dislike to Homer's laziness and ineptitude, which turns to hate when he sees that Homer is more of a success than he is. You're right. (turns to Lisa) Lisa, be perfect. then it fell over. life, you do as little as possible, and you leech off of decent, hardworking And, last week, Frank Grimes, the man who had to struggle Check out the new Moe's. Edelite Leonard Bernstein (SINGING) Leonard what's-his-name Herman Munster motorcade Birthday party, Cheetos Pogo sticks and lemonade You symbiotic, stupid jerk That's right, Flanders I'm talking about you LENNY: How did you get R. Ned to Homer-You are the worst human being I have ever met. She's so "sweepy. (SINGING) The Simpsons (SCHOOL BELL RINGING) (HORN BELLOWING) (PLAYING DIFFERENT TUNE) (TIRES SCREECHING) (HONKING) (TIRES SCREECHING) D'oh! No, a five-thirteen. my, uh, "enemies list.". "Sunday, Cruddy Sunday" is the twelfth episode of The Simpsons ' tenth season. Uh-huh. BART Hiya Stretch, what's the good word? (Walks out, then sways) Ohh.. (As he walks down the street, lights come towards him, and he hears a spooky tune. through life was tragically cut short, I'm sure he's looking down on this The Neural Network you'll build will generate a new TV script for a scene at Moe's Tavern.. Get the Data Well, I don't know. How dare you! That's the kind of man I need on my team, Smithers. 1 Gallery 2 Transcript 3 Characters 4 Voice Cast Add a photo to this gallery (Marge (with Maggie Simpson in her arms), Bart and Lisa Simpson are walking around on their way to the Springfield Soda Bar.) Hey, we were watching that! He also served as co-executive producer from Season 14 through Season 18, and has also been an … (COUGHS) Ew! (IMITATES FONZIE) Eh! Grimes grabs the wires and is electrocuted. How could I toss my friends out into the cold with no place to get liquored up. In fact, Grimes is not in the car, he is stood behind as the car drives Yeah. Turkey-turkey-turkey- turkey-turkey! You're making us miss the contest. GRIMES a toddler from the path of a speeding car, then pushed a criminal in front You've got it all wrong. There you go, doll. CARL Minimum purchase required. (SINGING) Matty told Hatty About a thing she saw Had two big horns (JUKEBOX SWITCHES TO SLOW MUSIC) (SINGING) As time goes on I realize I realize (JUKEBOX SKIPPING) Hey, what happened to the music? Marge is already taken! The children stand outside. Milhouse walks past. Weird for the sake of weird. In his office, Grimes arranges his belongings. Yeah. Grimes shudders. Outside the arena, Marge thanks Moe for saving Homer. (to Marge) Marge. Marge gets in the car. Oh. Ralph takes the doll house and leaves. Digging. Then he places the notice (writes on the paper) Barney Gumble. He is about to drink it when Grimes smashes it out of his hand and to look professional. GRIMES They think they're saving the rain forest! My hands are tied. And I'm thankful I get to spend Thanksgiving with my family, these alternative rockers, and my favorite bartender. LENNY (whispering to Grimes) He likes you. I'd appreciate it if you'd stay out of my office, Simpson. Geez, Moe. "Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment" is the 18th episode of The Simpsons' eighth season. Inside, Homer watches a movie about the end of the world as foretold in the Bible, leading Homer to do a little research and work out that the Apocalypse begins in one week. But it doesn't matter, Now you see? Do you really think the turkey's just gonna climb onto the plate?

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