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Has she been dating anyone new? Do whatever it takes to move on. I'm not overly invested in it and I'm certainly not going to dwell on it. Social media makes breakups way harder than they need to be, so you might want extra guidance during the aftermath. I called him out on it and told him I will sue him and what a user he is. Here's how to deal with having photos of your ex on your social media. It’s just strange because there was nothing wrong with our relationship. I was seeing a guy for 2 months before I had the dtr talk and he told me that he didn’t want to date. Thusly, claiming he didn’t know I posted. …. He already experienced you blowing up his phone with endless text messages and phone calls, begging him to get back together. That sounds hurtful and I have tried to rephrase it in a kinder way. I only discovered this tonight and he could have unfriended me weeks ago so it's not going to be a massive loss, I'm just a bit disappointed because it's clear that he didn't see me as a friend after all, as I did him. Without social media reminders, almost no one remembers my birthday and I return the favor by remaining completely oblivious to theirs. If you want this to change then something has to change about you and your ex. I guess my attitude needs to be that he’s missing out on a whole lot, too. At any rate, there is a high chance that she is a rebound and you have very little to fear. When it comes to your ex and his rebound, you don’t have to do anything! Why hasn't my ex deleted/blocked me off social media? Either way I would give it too much thought unless you want to get back together. However, since I only spent my idle time on social media, it didn’t make much of a difference. I still love her but she seems very hesistent to make eye contact. I think it could be he is getting married and your message reminded him of the past hurt. I still want to be with him but only if this time he commits to me. It is not a bad thing so dont worry. Who knows. Today I found out he’s unfollowed me on my calendar and deleted our shared notes on one of his accounts. He still looks at my Snapchat stories. Stung a lot more than I thought it would? However you are only a few days into No Contact so make sure that you spend this time working on your Holy Trinity and see how you feel nearer the end of your No Contact if you want to get your ex back and reach out or if you want to move on. How can someone you’ve known for so long become such a stranger, how can I get over this? Depending on how a breakup went down, exes unfollowing each other on social media is pretty standard. It’s so messed up, how he treated my heart is awful yet I miss him so much and would do anything to get him back. But, if your break up wasn’t all that bad, and you still want to remain on good terms, then it’s perfectly fine to add him back on social media once you’ve taken your much-needed vacation from him. Impossible as it once seemed, I’ve even grown to enjoy privacy ― to feel like my life is full of little secrets and treasures that only those closest to me get to know about, even if the secret is only what I ate for breakfast. We’ve officially been no contact for a month now. To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewer ads, and support Mumsnet. You should post things that the Ungettable Girl would post. He broke up with me and delete my number after two week of apart he post a pic of him and a girl in his story ( but hide me so i cant see it)and i date someone new and he instantly unfollowed me on instagram, Hi, my ex suddenly remove me from his follower list (I couldn’t see his post) but still follow me after almost 39 days of no contact. I'll be leaving it in the past yes. Just wanted to streamline my Facebook so it was more relevant to my current circle of Friends, that’s all. Trust me when I say that even if the quote or picture or song or movie resonated strongly with you, it is important to refrain from posting them on social media. I posted a picture on Instagram earlier which was a little risqué…. You rejected him. looking so beautiful and being so amazing. It'll be forgotten about in a couple of days, it just stings a bit losing what you thought was a friend and seemingly for no good reason.Before he met his wife-to-be he would make contact regularly which only confirmed my feeling that we were friends, it has only been since meeting her that he has severed ties so to speak.I didn't consider that he may have held onto hurt about me calling off the engagement years ago. Could it be that he’s still hurting? Even if he may not show it or express it, he is probably wondering if he did the right thing. His new partner doesn’t like him being friends with you. You’re heartbroken and discombobulated. He said he still hopes we can meet after coronavirus lockdown is lifted. As I have mentioned before, he will naturally become curious at some point. We began to have a lot of arguments as we were both going through our own personal struggles. And today ( 3-4days after) he took me off his followers so i cannot see his instagram, i didnt react and not plannin on , i d love him getting back … we ll see. As well as deleting all the pictures I had of him saved on my computer and his number from my phone. Maybe she senses that he’s still not over you, and is trying to force that process. Your ex is wrestling with his emotions and going through his own weird battle. I haven’t said anything to him in over a month and a half. He told me he could show me how to get my ex back in a matter of weeks. The relationship was toxic and she got scared of it repeating itself, so she says, and she backed off. & today i checked i lost 2 followers And saw it was him from both of his instagram profiles but he still follows my finsta, what do you think chris please help!!! However I saw last night that after viewing a selfie of me dressed up for a night out he unfollowed me. "—Sarah, 30 2. Unfollow them. Agree with the Facebook cull theory.It’s extremely common, every one does it now and again, otherwise the «friends « list gets clogged up with people who are no longer relevant or current in their lives, it just makes their social media so much easier to manage. Unfortunately, even if you really are feeling the desperation of wanting your ex back and the heartache from the breakup, social media is the last place you should vent these feelings. That kind brought back all the bad memories and kind of hurt. And consider if you even want him back. Don’t give it a second thought xxx, My money’s on the fiancé not wanting him being friends with exes. This article was very interesting to read! I’m in a really difficult situation. The following day, I sent him a message to let him know I am here if he wants to talk, but I want him to be well and understand if he needs time. One day all of a sudden he deleted me from social media. I didn't consider it had anything to do with feelings until somebody suggested you never get past somebody rejecting you and another poster suggested me congratulating him may have reminded him of past hurt. Social media was a game to him and he okay ex it and his appliances quite well, I must say. Previously he’s unfollowed my calendar because he told me he was angry and annoyed (times when he broke up with me unlike this time). We've known each other since we were practically kids. . You need work the Ungettable girl information and apply this to your life and stick to a no contact during this time. Is she doing anything fun? It has been friendly and respectful, but NC has been difficult because of this. ( 5 weeks ) I finally delete him because I thought why should you ghost me and still see what I’m up too. After a break-up, people will remove all traces of their ex from their Facebook profile, deleting photos and wallposts. I sent congratulations because it felt like the kind thing to do, much like how he contacted me after the births of my children for example.I don't see him in a romantic way and haven't for a very long time. I’m not sure what this means but I am still looking at improving me, but worry this has hurt my chances of us reconciling. "I am very strongly against asking anyone to delete these kinds of photos. My ex boyfriend and I broke up 2 months ago, he reached out to me in Dec 2017 just 2 So, while you know deep down that your partner is, in fact, over their ex, you might still occasionally check in on their social media to make sure that you're still better than them — you know Hi everyone; my ex bf is still following me on social media. In many ways, social media has made it easy for us to behave in ways that would historically be considered to have violated our partner’s privacy. It has fucked me up emotionally and mentally. Perhaps he views you as the past and wants to focus on the future. When I hear about the downfalls of social media, its time consumption is often at the top of the list, so when I quit my accounts, I thought I would instantly become more productive. Sunday, I realised he unfollowed me following the weekend. The thing is he still has me on whatsapp, he still has me on snapchat although he almost never views my story and neither do I. If you think there are things that people such as your boss should never see or find out, then put yourself first and keep those posts private! This is the second time of no contact. What it does mean is that you have had a big enough impact on him that he cannot bear to look at your profile because. He didn’t want to do something one day and I just exploded, he then broke it off there and told me it was my fault. Maybe they are even telling him to delete you from social media. I didn’t feel like it gave me more time. To ask them to delete that is like asking them to delete huge chunks of their life and memories forever. I kept the type of friends who I would send a Christmas card to only. Also as I have been focusing on myself I have been posting stories and photos on Instagram of me having fun, enjoying life. I was watching a livestream. Please help me. He was constantly watching my stories and I did not watch his. Social Media Breakup Etiquette: How to Handle Past Relationships on Facebook and Instagram . And is texting and smiling in our online classes. I found out by asking a friend to check out his profile—it was still showing up on her computer, so clearly I was blocked and there was nothing wrong with his profile. If we didn't still have mutuals from school that he hasn't seen in years then I would fully believe it was as simple as a Facebook clear out. He wanted to keep a line of communication open these days. If you’re being UG, you are probably – and if not, you should – posting pictures of you having fun.

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