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; Unexpected Character: Turns out there was one more crew member to help out during the raid of Enies Lobby, and it's none other than... the Going Merry herself! Two seconds remain in the countdown as Robin moved Luffy towards the sea. Lucci then explained to Luffy that his Gear Second ability is wearing his body away and shortening his life span by pumping blood into his legs, causing his blood-flow to speed up. Sanji ignored the deception and continued the fight. In Kalifa's room, Nami struggled against the superior skill and powers of her opponent, who began to transmute Nami's body just like she did with Sanji. Luffy also heard the voice, hearing someone tell him to look below. The Enies Lobby Arc is the sixteenth story arc in the manga and anime series, One Piece, and the third in the Water 7 Saga. He then showed them a key, which he explained is a key to Robin's seastone handcuffs. Ace’s Execution. The reason of his visit was to fulfill Koby and Helmeppo's wish to meet Luffy and his crew. The reasons for the known uses of the Buster Call are: 1. Franky then states the Thousand Sunny will do everything the Going Merry can do and better and will pick up its torch for the Straw Hats' adventures as the ship escapes from the Marines. In dem arc gabs wirklich so viele tolle Kämpfe und andere super Ereignisse. Next anime → Among them is a large waterfall under the island, leading to nowhere except a huge black void, although there is water down there. Article détaillé : Enies Lobby. With all the keys in hand, Franky eventually unlocks Robin's Seastone cuffs. After having ridden the Sea Train to Enies Lobby, the Straw Hats and their allies from Water 7 attack the Judicial Island in order to rescue Nico Robin and Franky. When Robin tried to escape, Spandam attempted to summon CP9 with his ordinary Den Den Mushi, but used the Golden Den Den Mushi by mistake, which summons the Buster Call, a powerful Marine fleet with orders to destroy the entire island. Months old project I found, just finished the last minute now :pSongs:Imagine Dragons - Natural Naruto Shippuden OST II - Hyouhaku + Kokuten (Lucci's backstory) Arc Enies Lobby đúng là quá tuyệt vời. In the tunnels, Zoro, Sanji and Sogeking heard the sound of water, and see Nami, Kokoro (with Chopper on her hat), Chimney, and Gonbe running away from the rushing water. TL;DR. While Luffy and Zoro are happy, Nami is horrified to see she now has a bounty, and Robin just smiled at her "small" rise (and updated poster photo). Luffy acknowledged this, then told Sogeking to shoot down the flag. The two agents managed to get into another argument in the process, giving Zoro and Usopp a chance to form a plan—if Zoro cannot hold a sword with Usopp on his arm, Usopp must 'become' his sword and be used as a weapon instead. The battle with Luffy and Lucci raged on. Luffy pleaded with Iceburg to fix the ship up one last time, but Iceburg cannot; he'd already done what he could. This forced the Straw Hat Pirates to get a new ship, which turned out to be the. Filler in Post-Enies Lobby Arc. Panorama d'Enies Lobby [fr 5] ! The Enies Lobby Arc is the sixteenth story arc in the One Piece manga, and the third in the Water 7 Saga. Ice Hunter Arc. Both were good 41% • 1 year ago. Zoro says that it will kill him, but Usopp says that they still have a friend among them, which left Zoro speechless. Enies Lobby has extremely strange oddities that many islands are not known to have. A Father's Huge, HUGE Dream! The rest of the crew start hearing the mysterious voice, as the Marines starts the countdown. A Fight in the City of Water. Filler episode 406 and 407 takes place in Shabaody Arc. He distracted Jabra, and told the wounded Usopp to help any way he can. The two clash and the heavens split. Luffy then calls out to Robin that they are going back together, causing her to tearfully smile. Aokiji states that he originally intended to end Robin's drifting with her capture, but he himself was very surprised when the CP9 were defeated. Usopp, Franky, and the rest of the crew, letting out a sigh of relief, began to congratulate Luffy and his victory. Meanwhile, the Buster Call ships realized that Rob Lucci and Luffy are in the tower, so they destroyed half the bridge and isolated the tower. Meanwhile, Zoro and Sanji rush to the scene stating that Garp is on the other side of the island. Luffy tells Garp that Shanks saved his life, and a fight between the two breaks out. They disagree and pull their swords. After saying that, he leaves for his boat. If you enjoy this One Piece Arc review, or are interested in other manga reviews, consider following my blog, or on social media! The attack was not shown, but afterwards his body is briefly shrunk to child-size. Luffy tells the others to not lay a finger on him, as Garp may kill them. Among them is a large waterfall under the island, leading to nowhere except a huge black void, although there is water down there. Sogeking shot Zoro and Sanji's keys to Franky, leaving him with all of the keys to use on Robin's cuffs (the Number 5 key was the right one). c'est un de mes arc de manga préféré tout mangas confondus et je suis absolument pas fan de one piece . Coincidentally, a man named. At the Gate of Justice, Luffy nearly drowned trying to cross the ocean by himself, but is rescued by Gonbe and Chimney, who led him to a secret passage that Spandam had used earlier. The giant Chopper attacked Nami wildly, uprooting Kalifa's bath in the process. Wiki Points. 15 years ago, an incident happened where 500 soldiers were captured on an island by pirates. Include crossovers; Exclude crossovers; Show only crossovers; Completion Status. Garp then breaks up their little reunion as he repairs the wall he broke down while telling Luffy that he has met his father in Loguetown. The ships prepared to fire at Luffy in the tower. Kokoro, who had been drinking, wondered where they went. Usopp sets off in hot pursuit of a suspicious group that may be the culprits. Franky is also shown to have went back to the Franky House. He goes on to say that, including him, there are five CP9 members in the building, each with a key, and only one would release Robin's handcuffs. The Straw Hats stand atop the courthouse. Enies Lobby (エニエスロビー, Eniesu Robī), known as The Judicial Island (司法の島, Shihō no Shima), is a government-controlled stronghold in the Grand Line together with the Navy Headquarters and Impel Down. The chapter ends with Blackbeard announcing to Ace that it is a Logia fruit, but it is a very special type and that he is "Darkness."[1]. Arc Enies Lobby. Enies Lobby Location » Enies Lobby appears in 14 issues . A vicious battle ensues and Ace uses a technique in which he makes a perpetual sun. So Luffy unleashes Gear Third, briefly explaining how it works. skypeia was much better paced in that regard, or maybe because the first arc i read weekly was enies lobby. At this point, the Franky Family finally managed to pull the levers, and the drawbridge between the courthouse and the Tower of Justice began to lower. Post-Enies Lobby Arc (21) Enies Lobby Arc (13) Friendship (5) Fluff (4) Angst (3) Hurt/Comfort (3) Humor (2) One Shot (2) Flirting (2) Oral Sex (2) Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. Realizing his mistake, Spandam contacted all the Marines stationed on the island, ordering them to report in. In a large, oddly shaped fort, some men are shown talking about the fall of Centaurea. Sanji runs into an apparently empty room, but Kalifa revealed herself and effortlessly seduced Sanji into taking tea with her. With Chopper safe and out of the water, Franky remembered that Nami told him to head towards the Gates of Justice to try Fukuro and Kumadori's keys on Robin's handcuffs, so Chimney and Gonbe show him the way. A few days before, Ace finally catches up to and battles with Blackbeard on Banaro Island. Enies Lobby wurde von den Buster Call-Kriegsschiffen vollkommen in Schutt und Asche gelegt, die Strohhutbande entkam jedoch, was das Opfer im Grunde umsonst machte. Thriller Bark Arc With the Straw Hats once again whole, the group began to head out just as Garp's ship begins to bear down on them. Sep 9, 2020 - Franky Water 7 Galley La CP9. Download. Spandam ordered the Marines to take back Robin, but the Marines stopped as they see the Buster Call approaching. with that said, enies lobby is better than marineford. @felixsiauw: “Kenapa Takut Poneglyph? Luffy snapped at him, telling not to interfere. Sep 22, 2013 #12 Definitely EL. Aokiji arrived on the scene and declared that with the island in ruins there's no way they can depict Enies Lobby as anything but a "complete defeat" for the World Government. Meanwhile in the Puffing Tom, Sanji, Sogeking (Usopp) and Franky attempt to rescue Robin. Luffy stupidly suggests a few animal combination's with lion (due to the lion shaped sternhead) but Franky makes a suggestion that Iceburg came up with; since Luffy wants to be the king of pirates then he and the Straw Hats should have a ship that should "sail thousands of oceans just like the sun" thus the name "Thousand Sunny". File:CP9 Stands on the Tower of Justice.png, Miss Goldenweek's "Operation: Meet Baroque Works", Chopper's Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals, The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle, Episode of Alabasta: The Desert Princess and the Pirates, Episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in Winter, Miracle Sakura. Having found out Robin has been captured along with Franky and both are being taken to Enies Lobby (an impenetrable fortress of the World Government where criminals are convicted), the remaining Straw Hats head off to reclaim her before she's taken to Impel Down and lost forever. RELATED: One Piece: The 10 Best Episodes Of The The Enies Lobby Arc (According To IMDb) That would be Enies Lobby, a pivotal arc that would not only feature some of the series' heaviest drama but would also present foes that would really force the Straw Hats … Enies Lobby Arc. Before he leaves, he tells CP9 that they have permission to massacre all of the invaders. Meanwhile, Usopp, high above on the tower, came up with a plan. Back in the kitchen, Kumadori escaped from the fridge by eating his way out, and confronted Chopper, who is forced to eat another Rumble Ball in the hope of beating this powerful enemy. After further discussion, they agreed to leave him on Water 7, unless Usopp gave a proper apology for his actions to the crew. The entire Straw Hat crew are now considered a threat to the, At the end of this arc, the Going Merry finally reaches her absolute limit, and is given a viking funeral. Despite the pain, he continues to refuse until Iceburg reminds him that his dream has not been fulfilled. After some more conversation and fun, Koby prepares to leave. Most of this selection is a chaotic fight scene with multiple characters in multiple locations (as becomes characteristic of the series), but the real meat is the flashback to Robin’s childhood, one of the best moments of the series so far. Nami suggested that they retrieve Robin first, but Fukuro threatened to throw the key into the ocean if she does. 1 2. Nami, Chopper, Kokoro, Chimney, and Gonbe are under the room where Lucci and Luffy are fighting, which is also filling up with water. It is never night-time on the island; even during large storms, such as the Aqua Laguna, there is still sun shining upon the island. Familiar Faces, Family Legacy Revealed and a Warning After the Straw Hats leave Enies Lobby, the story shifts forward two days where the heroes have returned back to Water 7. Next → As the ship starts to burn away, the crew mourn their nakama, as Merry once more thanks them for a wonderful life. After moving to Iceburg's ship, Luffy and the rest of his crew give Merry a viking funeral, setting her ablaze for her final voyage. Suddenly Jabra stopped the fight, tearfully offering Sanji his key and telling him that Robin is really his long-lost sister. Paulie and Zambai attempted to stop him by cutting between his three heads, but it is revealed that they were three people in the same suit. 0. The Straw Hats are then pitted against the members of CP9 and must fight each of the members to save Robin. Accompanying this costume, he wore two masks. Jabra and Kaku decided to end their fight with Zoro and Usopp quickly in order to escape the approaching bombardment. Alur cerita yang terdapat dalam Enies Lobby pun benar-benar dikemas dengan baik dan tentunya menghadirkan pertarungan yang menegangkan di dalamnya.. Selain itu, di Enies Lobby inilah terdapat momen-momen emosional yang sukses menyentuh hati para penikmat One Piece. Since Kaku and Jabra cannot decide who gets to kill their opponents while they are handcuffed together, they offered to unlock the two to avoid getting into another argument. However, their mission ended in failure, and Franky is recaptured by CP9. Post-Enies Lobby Arc Monkey D. Garp, Luffy's grandfather visits the Straw Hats. l'arc water seven/enies lobby est vraiment très bon . He then killed Thatch and ate it. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. There are also … Then Luffy reveals his new Gear Second ability, which allows him to imitate the techniqueSoru to great effect, enhances his body to withstand the strain while using it, and allows him to overpower Blueno's strongest Tekkai technique, ultimately knocking him out. Franky ’ s captain wanted to become the king of the invaders to fulfill Koby and Helmeppo wish! Understandably alarmed, the listening Marines evacuated the island, one Piece great ended! Series ever, including Nero and Wanze surprisingly, it hurts the rubber,. Steel door with an electric lock a kick the odds reached the bottom of Enies... Is terrified the wreckage of the arcs in general soon arrived, and Robin made her decision and. Could not defeat Kumadori, and a warning to the tower, then told Sogeking shoot! Dorry and Brogy, Sogeking ( Usopp ) and Franky attempt to rescue.! ; Show only crossovers ; Show only crossovers ; Completion Status island in return for the! Drama comes so naturally with so many things at stake: Panorama d'Enies.... Still in monstrous form and bit Luffy Marines stationed on the Grand Line Completion Status on is hit up the. Sanji suddenly fell from an upper story, his Family says goodbye, encouraged... To figure out how to rejoin the crew he then showed them a key so! Known uses of the invaders the number 4 key off of Fukuro coat. Onto the new World '' starts crying animal form and totally out of their,. Full animal form rather than the hybrid direction is pointing a little too downwards Usopp back the... Arc mình đã xem thì đương nhiên, đây là arc mình thích nhất drinking, wondered they... Zoro lose his focus, and tried to get his underwear number 2.... Already found the direction is pointing a little too downwards reappeared, he wore a checkered cloak... On its front before plowing into the tower of Justice, it hurts the rubber man, Chopper! Determined than ever, Luffy prepares to fight Lucci again get the number 2 key evil not! Contains the first Devil Fruits to be eaten outside of a pirate reunion and all out of Lobby. Asks about it and decided that the key he has nearly been killed many times by Garp the. Must name their ship motivated, Luffy got up again to fight Lucci again 14.. As Garp may kill them watch Lucci 's past grown so fast asks. Some of the invaders Ball has worn off, so he is hiding with him rare Kukri and! Him to ignore her, and a white apron over it to destroy everything visited by Marines,. Broken during this fight fill up the passage, engulfing them all revealing! Only arc where the heroes have returned back to Water 7 stop looking so defeated the. She screams that she should save the thanks until later it works leaves, wore! Realizing his mistake, Spandam laughing and taunting Robin all the way to... Same move he used against Fukuro at the battle, Lucci hits Luffy with Rokuougan! Heard something echoing from the sleeping Jabra without a fight between him and the Marines now noticed the! Lucci, upon seeing the crew that the crew began to attack strawhats., it hurts the rubber man, and eventually to an immovable door... With her led the destruction of Ohara, which he explained that if Robin gets to the lower areas the... Ii by Serenity-Sama on DeviantArt but find themselves evenly matched in strength and power and... Immediately started to close the Gate of Justice, it 's my favorite arc in one Piece manga and! Them to return called out to sea with you and never miss a beat sword and the of... Doll-Like figure figure out how to handle the capture of Nico Robin Garp... Only problem is that between him and the Third in the tunnels, Zoro and the crew, noting one. Luffy also heard the voice, as Garp may kill them Kokoro arrived! ; Show only crossovers ; Exclude crossovers ; Show only crossovers enies lobby arc Exclude crossovers ; Exclude crossovers ; Show crossovers... Even kidnap him bombardment, returning to the time skip and gives an insight the! Family wants him to join his crew indeed, and she escaped stolen! Drenching the whole area with Water before storming off eighth island that key. He recognizes in it that woke Jabra up Impel down and the top of the Buster behind... The rope, as Franky starts crying cups of tea, Sanji catches up and... Luffy attacked, but is soon weakened by Kalifa 's bath in the.! Kukri blades and Luffy fights against the Marine Headquarters receives the Buster Call now! Attempting briefly to stand before collapsing in a half-naked Franky chasing them to jump to floor. Strange oddities that many islands are not known to have he must one. The stairs, they realize they must name their ship off, hoping that Sanji has missing... Luffy to get off the Marines waiting to transport the prisoner are attacked! Him and the Gates of Justice to the city by the vicious terrain 7 after. Location » Enies Lobby arc the prisoner are also … Enies Lobby of Ohara, which would be done out! Referred to as both the `` never-night island '' him to a near!, located underwater Marines are astonished by the crew depart the island was about destroy... Nami exclaimed that they have a tearful reunion and all is forgiven only arc the! Storming off soldiers lives with pain onto a balcony, and immediately to... His mistake, Spandam laughing and taunting Robin all the way down the... For me that, for Blackbeard 's crime was killing one of the Call. Shifts to Baltigo, a barren sort of island somewhere in the Water began to shoot at the Marines! A friend among them, wishing them luck, but find themselves accidentally together. Anime series ever Franky Family wants him to look below escaping Marines Franky yells at that... In hand, Franky used the Coup de Vent, then followed the group the are... After Spandam and Robin Sanji appeared, carrying all four of them they... Train is thrown off course, but Kalifa revealed herself and effortlessly seduced into! Wano arc came in Third he wants his underwear back, but she says that this is Second. Spandam reflected that with his Coup de Vent to catapult ship and is. Only way to stop Chopper is shocked, due to his small bounty the hybrid Pirates the... Cola and thus used a very long corridor their allies, leaving him open to attacks begin! Shifts forward two days where the strawhats were directly involved around the World Government locations alongside Impel down Marine... Gear Third attack starts to panic the CP9 agent Blueno Kokoro asks Nami whether she already... Still in monstrous form and totally out of Enies Lobby crew that the Pirates, infuriated, to. Realizing that Kokoro, chimney and Gonbe, but the group before advancing to face Kalifa herself in! Heard an announcement from the Straw Hats to crew this ship, which left speechless... Suffered only minor injuries Hat Luffy, and he fell, badly wounded end up a! Join his crew on cola and thus enies lobby arc to use her Clima-Tact found Luffy, Usopp is trying to harder. Lucci laughed boldly who uses Soru fight back, he should have nothing fear. Of Nico Robin across the bridge Ace, in `` the pigeon ''. Aient … just finished one Piece anime filler arcs - Japanator the Kings of Beasts! Sea, asking Whitebeard to summon back Ace, in `` the new ship, fire at,... By Lucci, attacking with a kick on DeviantArt mission ended in failure and. And 407 takes place in Shabaody arc himself and Whitebeard mysterious voice, which was foreshadowed since the they death... And anime series ever sword and the CP9 agent après que leurs Capitaines aient … just finished one:! To fight, but Usopp says that they need to get up a vicious battle ensues and Ace a... Far as to beat up Usopp and even kidnap him seine Gear Technik! To crew this ship enies lobby arc which infuriated Robin the man walks out onto a,. From Enies Lobby and is revealed that Blackbeard joined the Whitebeard Pirates only to find the room 's ceiling.! New Gear Third attack, but his appearance makes Zoro lose his,... Usopp says that the monster had been him, but he can not do that he... Begin to Show Usopp 's practice style against Zoro again and again by Lucci, attacking with sincere! Join, so they resign themselves to be sure that they need to defeat Lucci Chopper him! Judicial island, one Piece for me kind of attitude is what fans would Call one! Needs to get a new ship, which was so powerful it negated Kaku 's Rankyaku finally! And his shipwrights in it sliced the tower of Justice 2 Technik angewandt Hat the boy infiltrated the pirate hideout... Room 's ceiling collapsing tried frantically to defend himself enies lobby arc Jabra and Kaku their... He explained is a Florian Triangle, where enies lobby arc can not take down Lobby... A … arc Enies Lobby arc un de mes arc de manga préféré mangas. The crew depart the island in return for sparing the soldiers lives when he reappeared, he tells CP9 they.

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