why are all my guppy fry females

The females are larger than the males of the same age are. As a guppy keeper, you have to ensure that you have a fully established aquarium tank setup. i dont have a vaccum cleaner, how do i clean the tank- can i empty it all into something temporary to clean the stones and glass? Unlike other shrimp species, Pinokio males are much larger and colorful than females. Most experts will tell you that changing the water after every 7 days is suboptimal. Females also feature some green on the body. Check out my guide on guppy diseases to find out how to cure white spots on guppies. Guppies are classified according to their colors, tail types, and patterns . This will get rid of the ammonia. For example, 4 gallons for every 3 guppies, 6 gallons for every 6 guppies and 9 gallons for every 9 guppies. They hide in the artificial plant. It is possible for the guppies to give safe birth to some fry and a few others the next day and so on. Overfeeding can also be a source of ammonia. I have 5 neons in the same tank which are also fine. I highly recommend reading about these, cycle your aquarium, let it mature and then your fish will live happily. Why wont my guppy have birth? Should I let nature run its course or get another small tank to put her in? However, before you start the breeding process, you have to: A guppy will develop a large round belly after getting pregnant. All the decor was purchased at Petsmart so I dont think anything is toxic. Guppies on the other hand can be kept in cooler water as low as 70 °F (21 °C) – so finding the balance between the two is crucial. Guppies for example can survive for up to 2-3 weeks without feeding them. Read more…. "My mama guppy just had babies, was able to remove all but 4 from tank, but they have survived by being smart and fast. They get fed once a day (I dont think they’re over fed as I’ve never had this issue with previous tanks) Why are they not breeding? If you want to save your fry, add live plants. She checked the water and it was perfect. If you can get one generation born in your tank you should see a big difference. However, they require a reasonable space and you have to ensure that the tank is large enough for the fish to thrive. Hi Sherri. The females can have a length twice that of males. Your guppy fry will eat the food that you feed the adult guppies. I have done a 30% water change and everything seemed fine again. I noticed yesterday that his top fin looks like it is broken, and it doesn’t stand aligned with his body when he swims. Don’t know how big and established is your fish tank, but I think that the beneficial bacteria couldn’t keep with the suddenly growing ammonia level and this caused the mass deaths. THEY DONT HAVE THEIR COLORS YET>??? There are several ways to prevent this. If the fish do not die instantly, because you were able fix the ammonia problem, they will still get ammonia burns. If they are larger than the mouths of the adults, you should transfer them. The fish has developed a bladder disease. I have the conditioner for the water i use and even a stress coat. It is likely to be ammonia or nitrite poisoning. Ammonia and nitrite should be at 0ppm and nitrates at maximum 40ppm. You can try java moss, hornwort, moneywort, Indian fern, Amazon sword plant or the chain sword plant. Although they are very hardy, often guppies keeps dying for no obvious reason. The PH level ranges between 1 and 14 and PH levels between 1 and 7 are acidic while that of 7 is neutral. This will allow you to control the population to a certain extent. However, that is uncommon with healthy guppies. All my tanks have extra sponge filters with air stones, so transferring one to a new tank would be an easy thing to do. You might, therefore, need to switch that out for something better. In other words, you should maintain good bacteria in the filter and the whole tank. What can I do to make it live happily as before. The cycling process will take 1-2 weeks, depending on the size of your tank: At this point you can perform a water test with the API Test Kit. And the last couple of days I have lost 6 guppies – yes 6! Do a 20% water change after one week Guppies prefer PH levels that are very close to the normal. I'm just very worried there is something wrong with my guppies. You should not put a goldfish in a 6 gallon tank. The average lifespan of guppies is 1-3 years. Pygmy Cory Catfish What else can I test to see why this is happening ? Most of the fry born prematurely do not survive. i found one fully formed guppy swimming around the tank. ... whereas the females feature a blue body with yellow shading here and there. When did you setup a 10 gallon tank? Aquarium guppies are popular because you do not need a large tank to rear them – their bio-load is small. It is really hard to tell what is the problem with your guppies without seeing them. If the female has fins clumped against the body, her anal fin might resemble the gonapodium. Water parameters are good? A guppy fry will measure around 6mm and has a very tiny mouth but they have a huge appetite. The fry should be fed a quality food, such as baby brine shrimp, baby fish food, or quality flake food ground into a fine powder. That is why; it is pretty common that even larger aquariums with guppies can get overcrowded within a few months. Their anal fin is situated on their underside where the tail meets the abdomen – between their paired pelvic fins. I’ve also wrote a complete guide on how to care for guppies, where I talk about the biggest challenges of keeping guppies. First off the female is not going to be harassed by other male guppies which means the female will have less stress. Immediately after birth, the fry will become hungry and start searching for food. Here is what I suggest: A breeding box will isolate the fry from the mother immediately after birth. Regular Water Changes. In extreme cases, a female guppy may give birth to just a few fry at a time, with pauses of several hours or days between births, although in most of these cases the young are not viable and die quickly. Bristlenose Pleco. my fishing careers are over. Why does that always happen? They most likely die due to raising ammonia and nitrite levels. Avoid providing the fry with more food than they can consume within 15 minutes. They add oxygen to the water and absorb the ammonia and carbon dioxide that the fish create. I have 2 African Grey parrots, Kiwi and Smokey. Oct 27, 2012 #2 It is very normal to lose fry. Warmer water is also dangerous for guppies. You can have perfect water, ph levels, fully cycled tank, perfect balance, everything, and fish will still die. All of these designations are relative to the respective sizes of the individual fish and shrimp. Hey Eric! $69.99 to … If the fish continue dying, then that is a huge problem. You can also change 10 percent of the water on a daily basis or 30 percent every five days. Feed them once or twice a day. After the pregnant female has released all of her fry, remove the female and return her to the main display aquarium. I’m the guy behind GuppyExpert. So far, she has had three alive fry but six dead. They will eat any baby guppy they see. In the wild, the males are brightly coloured than the females are. That ensures higher survival rates because the mother will not be able to swim past the box to eat the fry. Guppy breeders are stressful. In my opinion your guppies breed, however they might drop the fry, when you are not around. However the most common diseases which guppies get are ick (white spots on their body), velvet (gold dust on their body), fin rot and flukes. You can also try to find a local guppy breeder or to buy juveniles guppies from someone who has too many. But the next day one of my male guppies died under a pebble as well and I’m very confused why and I can’t seem to find the answer in multiple websites. Fish can b loving and caring and I had a betta male named Eclipse and he would eat food from my hand and even allow me to pet him. Fauci schools Rand Paul with coronavirus fact-check. Scarlet badis has a body shape that looks like a dwarf cichlid, yet not at all related. Is the fish tank already cycled? White Guppy Guppies and most small tropical fish have a short lifespan. The absence of nitrate from the water is a sign that the tank is not cycled yet. That is not common at all. Veterinarians advised that this condition could result in death, and if he is going to live that I should stop feeding it for a few days and try to clean up the gravel of any excess food as well as try some of the remedies listed below. NOTE #1: is banned from editing this page. Check out our comprehensive guppies care guide for more information That's what the Guppy is known for, don't worry. There are lots of challenges when keeping fish, but I think with all pets there are some things that can go wrong. This is the nitrogen cycle, which I explained above. I suppose, this is a new tank and it is not cycled yet. The plants will give the babies a large hiding space. Additionally, they can store sperm for up to 3 months. In the report, he told stories of fish that spawned juveniles instead of laying eggs. So you can imagine what journey they have. 24 watching. Some of them will die at birth wich nearly always happens and some wont survive. I have fresh plants in and bohama fine stone in the tank, I’ve come here after losing a sapphire scissor tail Guppy for unknown reasons the rest of the guppies are energetic and fine but the one that’s died has confused me. Can male guppies get pregnant? If you don’t have many hiding spaces, adult guppies will eat all the fry and you will not notice anything. Often ammonia spikes were damaging and killing my guppies. Guppies live in brackish water or freshwater basis of Guiana, Venezuela, North of Amazon River, North of Brazil, Trinidad and Barbados islands in their natural habitat. There are few guppy specific desires. This is how the cycle process works: ammonia->nitrite->nitrates I test my water every week at the local Aquarium (not a pet shop) and sometimes I’m a little low on KH but that’s it, all my levels are perfect. Tank has been up and running for 3weeks. The temperatures are correct. I used some of the biological filter media from my established tank to help kick start this one. A balanced diet of vegetation and protein will keep them happy and healthy for a long time. Also note, that guppies like to live in swarms, so keeping only a single guppy is not recommended. However, the result might be something you like from breeding. I had 10 guppys and 5 of them died.There was nothing on the body’s.They did’nt look sick.All that they did they swim on top of the tank where the bubble’s is and my tank’s heater is set on 26’C. I do have a bigger community tank which never has problems but due to the fish in that tank, I dont think it would be safe for guppies. You can certainly start over the tank. Most exotic fish come from the Philippines or Thailand. And I did a lot of research on how to make my guppies living healthily in my aquarium. Open source password manager with Nextcloud integration - nextcloud/passman However, if you are keeping them for fun, it is advisable you feed them once a day. Ensure that the guppies can finish the food you give to them within 2 minutes and if they struggle to do that, then you are possibly giving them more than they need. If you choose a 10-gallon water tank, you will require 10 pounds of sand to cover the bottom properly. Good luck. Overtime the pollution can become so high, that the guppies will get intoxicated and will die. That might sound sad but it is what the mother nature works for most species. Remember to always ask a veterinarian for help regarding your pets. I just cant do this they keep dying I tested the ph and its over 7. They can feed on all types of food whether frozen, live, and wet or dry. I have goldfish in another tank and they are thriving. I have been a nurse since 1997. They can also serve as great hiding spots for the young ones after birth. You have to provide them with live food such as micro worms, baby brine shrimp, vinegar eels and daphnia so that they can remain happy and healthy. Assorted Male Fancy Guppies Live Tropical Freshwater Aquarium Fish Tank Guppy. … Remember to maintain a male to female ratio of one to three in your aquarium tank. Female guppies can release their fry and then get pregnant again immediately, all without mating again. My guppy fish is dying now. if she is already prgannt which she probably is then he is just bugging her because that's what guppies do.that's why you should keep more females than male because they will bother them and with more females in the tank then he will pick on all of them and not just one. To start their hobby, most aquarists buy a few guppy fish and increase them gradually. Every month or so I lose a fish and what is more odd is that they aren’t breeding. This diseases is easy to cure, though you act fast. You can also opt for a ratio of 1 male for every two females. The fry look like the parents straight out of their mom, but may have heard of some species eating their eggs, and the molly is no different. All parameters are good. Guppies can deliver around 20-200 fry per every spawn depending on the age and size. By this point I only had 1 guppy left so I got him 2 new friends. They’ve nipped her tail and one fin. By filtering the water, you will be sure that your guppies have a clean environment and one that is free from bacteria. I cant tell you if they are going to survive or not but out of 20 fry I would think you would have at least 10 left. The varied colors and patterns of the various species add a punch of brilliance to planted tanks. Breeding in a community tank might be unpredictable because you will not know how the fry will look like until they are born or until their colour starts appearing. If there is only one male in a tank filled with many other females, the male would impregnate each female and after successive sessions of birth, the tank will be overcrowded more than you can imagine. Guppy fry tend to sink, so use low-floating plants for their cover. You can make your own gravel vacuum. You need a filter if you want to keep more fish in your tank. Therefore, you will have to establish proper hiding places for the fry so that they can run away from the parents and other tank mates. I don’t think you can do this with birds But we all have our personal preferences. Unlike the males with their flashy tails, female fancies are usually compatible with bettas because they lack the colorful long tail. They have water movement and air. These common guppy diseases can be treated with the Seachem ParaGuard medication. The same will happen to the fin shape. I put her back in the big tank. Galaxy Blue Tail Fancy Show Guppy Fry 5+1 *Bred in the USA* $59.99. At the time of labor, the fish brain does not release the hunger controlling chemical and they feel hunger really bad and eat their own newborns. The water temperature should range between 24 degrees and 26 degrees Celsius (75-79 degrees F) and the water condition should be roughly 5.5 to 8.5 for the PH and 15 to 40 dH for the water hardness. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. AquariumNexus.com does not intend to provide any kind of veterinary suggestion. I had about 25 juvenile guppies one adult male guppy and 2 corys in a 55 gallon…the guppies are losing color then a chunk missing from the tail before dying the next day…have lost 12 of the juveniles so far…basically one a day…the tank is well established and water parameters all testing safe…tails are not frayed just a chunk missing larger than the largest fish mouth…have been doing daily water changes and doesnt seem to be helping…what could it be? My tank is a 22L tank.if all my fish are dead what must i do to start again.A have life plants in my tank,can i still use them.And i only have the 1 pump with the thing that you put under the gravel thats working to make bubbles..What do i need for the tank and what must i do.Please help. Sometimes the process to give birth to all the fry can take up to 12 hours. I think that your guppies are dying because the aquarium is not cycled yet. Experts believe that you should hold guppies as trios if you have both females and males in your tank. Therefore, their dorsal and tailfins are somehow standard. hi this is a great article, I think my tank is cursed. It has a wider head, and is much shorter, fatter and flatter than the Common Pleco.. Remember to remove the leftover food so that it does not pollute the water. Give them a small amount of food that they can consume in one minute. By changing water in your tank you will remove the toxins that are harmful for your guppy fish. For the commercial flake food, New Life Spectrum Neurox Optimum, Aquacarium Natural Tropical Flakes, API Tropical Flakes is recommendable. Bright colors, an elongated body, and gorgeous fins are predominant in male guppies, while females are less spectacular. Adult guppies will eat their baby fry and any other guppy will take a bite out of the dead or immobile guppies that they encounter. Fish are actually easy . Guppies have no special requirements for breeding. Females, on the other hand, have triangular or regular anal fin. You can feed your guppy fish commercial food, but try to use food from well-known brands, such as Tetra. The appearances might be very different from that of the parents. In other words, if you provide them with brine shrimp, you have to opt for fish flakes next. If the water is good, then it is likely some disease. Maintenance of a different ratio will result in stressful situations because the females will keep chasing the females. Guppy fry are often raised in their own small aquarium since adult fish like to eat the fry. Females are larger too, potentially reaching 4.5 inches. They are all spaced apart when they die and they are fine one day and then gone the next . The reason why these fish don’t display the strong vibrant colors we’re used to seeing in guppies is because their bodies don’t produce black melanin pigment. Check your thermostat and also water parameters. I can see white dots or white surface only guppies. why is my female guppy chasing all the smaller guppies (males, small females, babies) • Posted by 4 hours ago. if that is not the case, you can set up a different aquarium tank for them. Egg yolk is another important source of protein for the fry. My tanks are always cycled before introducing any fish to them. Do not use any substrate. Make a 50% water change (use water conditioner if you use tap water) If you have a sponge filter, just rinse it in aquarium water. The guppies are either in a corner at the top of the tank or hiding in the driftwood at the bottom of the tank. GuppyExpert.com does not intend to provide any kind of veterinary suggestion. With feeding your fish you actually pollute the water in your tank. It is also good to vacuum the substrate of your tank at least once a month. They are one month old. The high level of ammonia might cause internal bleeding. After that you can add 3 guppies, add 3 more one week later Hey, I'm Fabian, chief editor at Aquarium Nexus. Guppies reproduce at a faster pace. My female guppy had 15 fry about 2 weeks ago. If they aren’t already pregnant, generally one male to two or three females is a healthy ratio in a tank, since it will reduce aggression in the males and stress in the females, and will likely produce fry. When choosing the live plants, you will have to stick to those that remain fully submerged in water. This page may contain affiliate links, which will earn us a commission. They are also brightly coloured and therefore beautiful and more fun to watch. Actually, they feel very hungry and depressed during their labor. I've had this guppy for about two weeks now, and she has given birth about 3 times! You should feed your adult guppy fish once a day or once every other day. One way to give your baby guppies or "fry" a fighting chance is to densely plant your aquarium. Most likely ammonia is causing problems here. Or provide many hiding places as … First, goldfish like cooler water. Already fed them. The best way to combat diseases is to prevent them. It’s a 63litre tank with 8 neons, and have 7 guppies left. I’ve been checking it daily. They are hardy and available in many patterns, colours and tail shapes. Joined Oct 27, 2012 Messages 119 Reaction score 0. Moreover, females have rounded bodies. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Maybe your filter and water changes can’t keep up with the raising ammonia and nitrite levels. As the water heats up, the oxygen level of the water lowers. I dont plan on keeping the guppies. Other plants include pygmy chain, corkscrew Vallisneria and Najas Indica. That is why it is always important to control the population of guppies. If you realize that your guppies are dying more often, then you are not cycling your aquarium water tank properly.

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