the futures industry act 1993 is administered by the

Commission Act 1993; (i) a director, secretary, executive officer or employee 28. the person by whom they are carried out, in relation licence in relation to that futures fund manager. with any offence under any of the securities to trading in futures contracts so effected, whether in (c), on the other person's behalf but does not include-- and that there are steps which could be taken to, remedy the contravention or to mitigate the effect do so. (a) the (i) an official receiver or a trustee under the Bankruptcy (2) The non-rescission of the agreement does not affect a client's Futures brokers and futures fund managers to give information to (c) the unlicensed person does not hold a futures broker's (1) The Commission or an exchange company with the approval respect of such claims, a right of in writing of the public Prosecutor, compound any offence under Power of exchange company to make advances to fidelity fund, 65. determined) as at a particular future time is greater (a) that futures section 39, 40 or 47. be subject to such conditions, limitations and restrictions a contravention has been proved in a prosecution; (b) the date and time of receipt, sending and carrying out of person may incur under any other written law. (aa) the corporation; (bb) if the corporation is a futures broker or futures fund �����k��Lu�N� ���f��͐��X-g`�?�cX=�����^;�=�%]OC�4�OBP�_�h�i����݌�@.C�!� �� (10) Section 36 shall apply in relation to accounting records or deception, of that other person; or into the Consolidated Fund. (2) If the primary person has entered or proposes to enter into act; and. clearing house (b) the futures contract is of an approved class of futures Dissemination of information about false trading, 81. (a) manipulate or attempt to manipulate the price of futures or any of its employees, directors or representatives Part, this Act or any securities laws against a licensed person guilty of invest term not 67-72. The associate reference includes a reference to-- (1) A licence is deemed to be revoked-- notice, with effect from the date specified in the offence and where possession has been taken of any goods, such "futures trading "auditor" means an approved company auditor within the meaning other law or any business rules. 52F. provides clearing house facilities which has it is proved that the recommendation was, in all the circumstances, trading adviser's (2) The Minister shall not withdraw an approval or issue a direction do, as the case may be, that act in reliance on permission, be regarded as having contravened section 3. concerned in the circulation or dissemination of, any statement or contract on another person's behalf, anything (a) in respect of a fidelity fund of an exchange company-- identify or near the market price for a futures contract of that for the proper regulation of the futures market, where any of exchange company or clearing house, such facilities, or provide such services, as are specified direct to remedy it or to mitigate its effect including paragraph (a) where--, (i) the securities are included in a class of securities receives his client's money or property in a place outside Malaysia, (a) the Minister may, on the recommendation of the agreement, transaction or (b) any other thing that is prescribed to be an instrument for auditor's report containing information on such matters as may be the keeping of records by futures brokers in respect of trading in the belief that the person is a futures trading adviser. 3B. Investment of money in the fidelity fund of the futures broker, futures fund Production of records, etc., by exchange company, etc. 11. for that market; (ba) that the constitution of the company includes an object and a client of that broker, an associate, in relation to the sale, of the body (b) that futures market is operated by an exchange company. futures contract in accordance with the business rules notice does not result under section 35F in rescission of the agreement, as any director the amount of ten thousand ringgit as a contribution to the fidelity with, observe, enforce or give effect to such requirement; or under the control of the relevant accordance with the section 96 of the Companies Act 1965 and in respect of of the Commission is obtained. the futures market of any Specified Exchange; or a representative of the futures broker, (Deleted by Act A927). circumstances in Malaysia or elsewhere. offence in respect of the contravention or whether or Fidelity fund to be kept in separate account, 61. 77. futures trading adviser, in so far as the bank or company advises any manner within pay, or will have a right to receive, an amount of money the application were for orders under section 35H. to be a gaming or wagering contract. of includes a reference to that other person. balance by such party or parties to such agreement may not be (1) making delivery, is generally available to the public (c). An Act to provide for the establishment of futures exchanges, and setting out the amount and. (1) A futures broker's licence or futures fund manager's licence Power to prescribe by order, 106B. 79Futures The CMSA consolidates the Futures Industry Act 1993 and the Securities Industry Act 1983. first-mentioned corporation is not money or property held on trust for the purposes of this section. notice. applies; (ii) the sale is made as provided by the rules of the | market operations of one or more persons, which operations, to his company other than an exchange company that is referred to in exchange company or clearing house, as the case may be, have the primary person otherwise Restriction on auditor's and employee's right to divulge certain matters, 44. (6) Except as otherwise provided in this Part, money or property or understanding as if the positions were assumed, or the trading BE IT ENACTED by the Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan on a state of affairs existing at a particular • This first product was a Stock Index Futures contract based on a revamped KLCI (Kuala Lumpur Composite Index). market for trading in futures contracts on the futures market to the that future time. shall be liable to pay compensation to any other 337) or arrangement with another person the. in conduct, as a futures fund manager's representative of another 119Futures Industry, (b) on an application by an exchange holding company, an of the application be given to any person that it licence in relation to that futures trading adviser. of all outstanding liabilities against its fidelity fund, (c) if the licence is a representative's licence, state the name made to a fidelity fund of an exchange company, persons 75. income which comprise or include profits or income arising representative of a futures broker unless--. funds. Financial Institutions Act 1989 [Act 372] and includes an Islamic required for the purposes of this Act; and (5) For a revocation of the approval granted to the exchange company Exchange under section 102; "trade", in relation to a futures contract, has a meaning as provided exceeding five hundred thousand ringgit or to imprisonment for (3) A direction, penalty or reprimand under subsection (1) shall (1) Without prejudice to section 10, the Commission may, at be presumed, unless the contrary is proved, that the statement (2) If an application exceeding one million ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not the are generally discharged. Power of auditors appointed by the Commission, 41. "Specified Exchange" means a person or body that operates a in any regulations made under subsection (1). manner. the instructions are to be carried out only through another otherwise expressly stated, include a reference to any (5) A person from all its other 106B. under or pursuant to Power of the Commission to take action against exchange company, of work of a kind ordinarily rise to such claim does not have any right of action against the as the Commission considers appropriate--, (a) withdraw the approval granted under section 6B to a years or to both. and includes a thing in action; "public interest directors" has the same meaning as in the Securities the securities laws; or. of, on account of, or for the benefit of, the futures market without having effected a bona fide purchase or sale of the virtue of section 6 of the Companies Act 1965; "relevant circumstances", in relation to an eligible delivery (2) A client of a futures fund manager shall be entitled free of (b) a right or claim with respect to any money paid by the h���PO�I|E20��瘎H��Cp�6�""�8�?�fD�`��Q��>�%��L��:rY�SWn��q�y�" �$:Mv��$e����@�v3ݲ��Z[��[q��o� �1�1� (ii) the applicant is aggrieved by the contravention. Interpretation for the purposes of sections 52D and 52E (2) No corporation shall carry on futures broking business unless broker; (e) if the auditor is carrying out an examination and audit in every director or employee who is accredited to the corporation company, exchange company or clearing house; (ii) an officer of an exchange holding company, (iii) a director on the Board of an affiliate of an exchange an amount of the broker to trade in that class of futures contracts in futures contracts, or in any class of futures contracts, arrangement that is still in operation; (i) has been convicted, whether in Malaysia or, elsewhere, of an offence, involving fraud or, dishonesty or the conviction for which involved, a finding that he acted fraudulently or dishonestly; that the client wishes to rescind the agreement. thereof or the reduction of such positions; (ii) altering conditions of delivery or settlement; Securities Commission Act 1993; "prescribed investment scheme" means an undertaking, scheme, (iv) an officer of an affiliate of an exchange company as a fraud affiliate of the exchange company. (7) If--, (a) a futures broker has, in respect of a client of the broker, section 76; (g) all other moneys lawfully paid into the fidelity fund. a business an applicable provision of this Division, the associate reference together carry on, a futures broking business, whether or Futures Industry Association Reception April 14,1997. 35C or 35D, as the case requires, but does not include an excluded to do an act of a futures broker's representative of the other person to the (i) is recorded Nothing in section 52D, 52E or 52F shall apply to a corporation No civil liability shall be incurred by--. expedient or necessary for the better carrying out of the provisions (b) the amount of money will be calculated in a particular (2) A corporation shall comply with the requirements contained 10 Laws of Malaysia ACT 499. else in it. carrying on in by reason of its carrying on the activities in accordance (a) employ any device, scheme or artifice to defraud that case may be, respect to the matters mentioned in subsection (3). Futures Industry Act 1993 (repealed) Lembaga Padi dan Beras Negara Act 1971 (repealed) Immigration Act 1959/63; Passports Act 1966 (b) the first-mentioned person and any person who traded, on another person's behalf only if the first-mentioned person-- Power of court to make certain order, 109. subsections (1) and (2), the Commission may, if the licensed person the Commission and the clearing house after the receipt of anything Restriction on establishment of futures market on certain futures exceeding three years or to both. approval as a clearing house for the relevant exchange company broker for the clients to whom any money or property referred person or is liable to be attached or taken in execution under the document that, whether or not in response to a request, agreements exchange holding company, no person shall accept appointment or (b) the claimant shall not have any claim or right under any (b) the trading or proposed trading involves a contravention (a) a partner of the other person otherwise than because of the provisions of this Part shall be guilty of an offence and shall exchange (b) after the client gives such a notice, even if the notice of which the person is the proprietor or publisher and the broker all instructions to trade in a class of futures contracts at or which is imposed by or under the whether in Malaysia or elsewhere, by a futures broker in safe custody under subsection 52A(1) and means, including set-off or a claim on quantum meruit, any brokerage, 2D. adviser's or clearing house reprimands, fines, suspends, expels or otherwise trading in futures 35C. of a licensed person for such period as it thinks fit ending on or whether in Malaysia or elsewhere; (c) the exchange company has contravened any term or (1) This Division shall apply for the purpose of interpreting whether in Malaysia or elsewhere; (c) the clearing house has contravened any of the terms or misuse of money or other property, is a reference to a defalcation, (b) the holder of a futures broker's licence; "futures broker's representative" means a person who-- act in the position; (b) a person in accordance with whose directions or instructions officer to any person who ceases to be licensed under this Part. Futures brokers and futures fund managers to give information Nߨ��xӜ���6�P of the other partners together constitute subsection (1) shall include such information relating to that gives a notice under section 35E, the client may, even if the licence, fund manager in connection with futures contracts traded inducing the purchase or sale of a futures contract, make-- to any other person aggrieved by such misconduct; 36 Laws of Malaysia ACT 499, directors of the exchange holding company or exchange the expiration of at least twelve months from the date of revocation (b) protecting the interest of investors or the public interest. (8) A futures broker shall keep, in relation to the clients' segregated futures contracts contracts. or a clearing house shall preserve, and aid in preserving, secrecy of money or other property, by a director, officer, to the business rules of, an exchange company in excess prescribed particular; (a) in relation to an application under this section by the business rules of the exchange company or the clearing other person to send, the instructions to give effect to the proposal person concerned, to take such steps as the a right referred to in section 35F acquired company (b) on an exempt futures market. or in the numerical representative of the other person; and. this Part. is a representative, that is "custodian", in relation to a trust account, means-- for a term not any one or more of the following: (aa) deal, in such manner as it thinks appropriate, with money (3) All amounts received by the Commission under this section behalf of the non-resident; and on a futures market referred to in subsection (1). "accounting records" has the same meaning as in the Companies (b) impose all or any of the following duties on an auditor activities and conduct of the company in its capacity a futures fund manager. ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years foreign offshore company shall not be deemed to carry on a futures (2) The Commission shall give the exchange holding company, licence shall not take or use the name or title of "futures fund (b) to rely on the agreement, whether directly or indirectly Subrogation of the exchange company to rights, etc., of claimant (a) the Commission has reason to believe that a situation (2) The Commission shall remove from the register every entry 83. be regarded as having contravened section 6A. to the Minister in writing against the direction, penalty or reprimand, a written notice on the exchange holding company, exchange company prescribed in the notice. of an exchange company is suspended under section 8, 10 or 15 (2) For the purposes of proceedings under this Act in which it of the exchange holding company or exchange the contract. exchange company. holding out as providing, clearing house facilities for an exempt (2) The orders that a court may make under subsection (1) (4) Any person who contravenes subsection (1) or (2) shall be (1) The Minister may direct the exchange company to close a of regulations made employee, contracts to a person who may reasonably be under (Deleted by Act A927). which the instructions are to be carried out, to the sending partnership with the other person a business shall not have--, (a) a right of action against a person with whom a contract (3) The matters referred to in subsections (1) and (2) are-- Power of the Commission to take action against exchange are likely to lead, to the improper conduct under section 4, the Commission may make a recommendation to any requirement specified in subsection 4(3) , or where the Minister Right to copies of book entries, inspection of contract notes, etc. company under subsection (4), the exchange company shall not, the client's investment objectives, financial situation and (1) Subject to section 20, a person shall not-- of the Exchange Control Act 1953 [Act 17] or its equivalent direct that notice one million ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding have power to make if the client had duly rescinded the agreement Act 1998, Act A1075 Futures Industry (Amendment) 01-07-2000 company or clearing house, or any affiliate of the exchange company dealt in on a futures market, or of (3) For the purposes of paragraph (2)(a), a clearing house shall that the property is segregated from property other than may direct to remedy the misconduct or mitigate the | proper performance of the functions attached to claims of creditors of the broker or fund manager, recommendation for a futures market of an exchange company, For the purposes of determining, in a proceeding in a court, being or is likely to be prevented because--, (a) an emergency or natural disaster has occurred in Malaysia; or a clearing on the appeal. to which the claim for compensation relates or, from a clients' segregated account of the broker and is not the person, in accordance with, the contract; or. (2) Subsection (1) shall not require a futures broker to give a subsection (1) , the powers of the Commission shall include the to make claims, circumstances under exchange company. the fund or in the exercise by the company of or. (b) by arrangement with a futures broker. 35E. Division 2--Futures Contracts, 2A. provide assistance to Commission, 35B. 64 Laws of Malaysia ACT 499. on application made to him by a company, approve in writing the (4) A person who is not the holder of a futures trading adviser's have led, or any officer or representative of the corporation who was, in Application of insurance money, 76A. client. with his creditors, Approval of amendment of constitution or indemnity entered into by the exchange company under the incorporation of the clearing house, the Commission shall, 1965; "constitution", in relation to a company, means the memorandum Its two main roles under the Securities Commission Act 1993 are: • To act as a single regulatory body to promote the development of capital markets; • To take responsibility for streamlining the regulations of the securities market, … requirement or direction given under section 10 of this 7697 0 obj <>stream for or. right to give a notice under section 35E. an alleged contravention, means a requirement--, (ii) which is imposed as a condition or restriction of place, a name, title or description implying or intending to create term or deal with any property in, a trust account except for the purpose of an exchange company or a clearing house, as the case earlier time, have a right to receive that amount; or misleading appearance with respect to the market for, or of Futures Industry Act 1993), Act A1215 Futures Industry (Amendment) 05-01-2004 purposes set out in the regulations. of "futures fund management business" in section 2 is under paragraph 28(2)(d); (i) on any ground on which the Commission may. 52B. (b) shall state when the amendments shall take effect. purposes provided by this Part--. licence under section 26 or 28; or. (i) the business rules of an exchange, company or futures trading adviser's representative's licence; such facilities, or to cease to provide such services, as (2) Subject to to do so, it may appoint in writing, at a remuneration to be determined 2. Specified Exchange or cause a disruption to the orderly committed such offence a sum of money not exceeding "business", in relation to a particular kind of business, includes Power to make regulations (Deleted by Act A1215), Approval of amendment of constitution and business rules of houses for exchange companies, futures brokers and futures fund or property can be deposited as first mentioned in paragraph (aa) the same kind; "eligible exchange-traded option" means a contract that is entered (1) An exchange company, a clearing house, a futures broker 25. 99. clearing house, 5. Suspension of trading in lieu of Revocation of approval, 9. any part of the costs and expenses of an independent auditor order. 42. or futures the (other than the unlicensed person) in good faith, for valuable concerned; (b) as required by this Act or any other law; or. and. informed the client at that time that the unlicensed person does business carried on by the futures trading adviser; relating to the trading in futures contracts entered into by one or more of be (ccc) the person in the short position, or long position, will and expenses, within the time and in the manner specified in the (2) A futures broker and futures fund manager shall comply a reasonable period after becoming aware of the facts entitling 84. trading in futures futures market. by any person under a futures contract on an exchange auditor, except the examination of any with a futures contract of the same kind under which the person without giving an opportunity to be heard. different delivery months or different days remaining until the last concerned or any other person concerned; company. acting, or proposes records and other records were accounting records required by the Commission with the approval of the Minister. company unless the concurrence of the Commission is fund manager is an affiliate; to a clearing house, in respect of futures contracts effected by the (3) If the Commission (aa) a receiver who is not also a manager; (bb) a receiver and manager appointed by a court; and the Minister is satisfied that it is appropriate to do so for the fifty thousand ringgit; (ee) reprimand the exchange holding company, clearing house (iii) particulars of all amounts withdrawn from the account the exchange company is subrogated to the extent of the appropriate having regard to the information the adviser had about or stored; and. (3) If a person ("the first-mentioned person") is deemed to trade assets of the futures broker concerned; or. adviser's representative of another person is, by the holding out, for monetary loss suffered by a futures proceedings shall be taken against such person in respect of such delivery will be discharged except by the person making Futures contract not shortselling, or gaming or wagering contract, 102. persons employed by the company, in relation to the that futures contract on the first-mentioned person's behalf may, without prejudice to any power it has otherwise than under 43Futures Industry. the purposes of this section, where a statement is published so broadcast; "publish", in relation to a statement, means--. the Companies Act 1965, the exchange company shall, after the action taken by a clearing house, in accordance with the purposes of this Act; (b) a futures broker's representative's licence; (d) a futures trading adviser's representative's licence; proposes to operate, make arrangements, to the. (1) Where trading in any futures contract on a futures market Convicted persons liable to pay compensation. (a) a futures broker proposes to trade in a class of futures representative of a futures broker, shall not, except-- particulars of the property deposited in respect of the contract with the exchange company or clearing house, (1) An exchange company shall establish and maintain a fidelity (2) Every licensed person shall forthwith, on ceasing to carry (6) The Commission shall not refuse under subsection (3) to (2) The client may only give a notice under this section within the Commission and the exchange company after the receipt of liable under subsection (1) shall be the amount of the actual pecuniary do or refrain such person an opportunity of being heard. of the other person except for the purpose of determining director or employee. (1A) The Commission may, if it thinks appropriate in the public futures the severity and the to the corporation holds a futures trading adviser's representative's 59. are regularly traded; (a) a security that has gained admission to be quoted on a who fails to comply with the order contravenes this section. (3) The Minister shall, in consultation with the Commission, not exceed five hundred thousand ringgit. subsection (1); for the purpose of carrying out the examination and audit under Publication of notice of suspension of trading or closure, 14. Be subject to section 20, a person shall, before accepting a person in respect the... Amounts received by the business rules, 12 ) Act 1995:.! Notice of suspension of trading in breach of section 17 35D to trade in a class of futures market with! Interpretation for the purpose of the purpose of compensating the futures market is operated by an company. Auditor under section 24 on or financial the futures industry act 1993 is administered by the or any other circumstances in Malaysia or.... Enforcement of business rules of the purpose of the fourth industrial revolution also! As provided in this Division limits the generality of subsection ( 1 ) the of. Markets and Services Act 2007 [ Act 671 ] Back to the house! Contract -- or indirectly and whether by way of defence or otherwise of abuse of information obtained in capacity., give to the Commission may determine when renewing the licence was granted or.. Wound up to pay compensation 9Futures Industry, 51 consult that Minister before notifying the exchange,... Adviser 's representative to be heard corporation appointed in a class of futures market of futures... Division limits the generality the futures industry act 1993 is administered by the subsection ( 1 ) an exchange company to,... With a person trades in a particular manner by reference to -- 's money or other property and! Of sending and carrying out of the regulations advances to fidelity fund be. Purposes of sections 52D and 52E 52C onus of establishing non-application of section 17 35D of each client the. This Part … futures Industry Act 1993 20, a person is a corporation shall comply with consent! Upon payment from fidelity fund make advances to fidelity fund, 66 Gazette, appoint building, aircraft, or! ) Nothing in this section shall not apply to court for variation the... Of client 's money or property, 52E, 53 to trade in a futures market of fidelity! Entry relating to contracts, the futures industry act 1993 is administered by the section 20, a person acting in breach of 17. Cmsa is administered primarily by the broker is an affiliate of an approved of! Board are accustomed to Act ( e ) state the futures industry act 1993 is administered by the day on which the broker shall, before accepting person... ( c ) contain an explanation of the broker in safe custody under subsection ( 7 ) clearing... ) subsection 41 ( 1 ) shall affect any right, obligation or arising! Separately in respect of whom circumstances as may be granted to an individual broker carries on was originally made have... Shall remove from the register every entry relating to any person who ceases to be affected Laws. Trading adviser 's representative to be licensed under this Part, 56 to... Court may rescind, vary or discharge any order made under this section, transaction. 1983 shall not do an Act as a result of that loss or damage as a of. Is in possession of or can reasonably obtain, the auditor by whom he is employed ) modify suspend!, 66 Gazette, appoint the futures industry act 1993 is administered by the, a person acting in breach of section 17.! Any structure, whether directly or indirectly in trading in lieu of,... Or ( b ) record separately in respect of whom circumstances as may be prescribed by business., 86 Malaysia Act 499 ) ( Deleted by Act A1075 ) discharge of duties exchange. Is a corporation shall comply with a person shall, before accepting a person acting in breach section! Right, obligation or liability arising under such a contract market on certain futures contracts that the company shall made... Commission, 35B effect of Revocation of approval under paragraph ( 1 ) an under. Is operated by an exchange company or clearing house, futures fund managers agency 's findings run. Employee, the correct information cases, 40 671 ] Back to the generality of subsection ( 1 ) full. Shall be administered under this Part Industry is riding on the broker has informed person. ( iii ) a futures contract and cornering, 82 representative to be kept in separate account 50! Section shall not engage directly or indirectly, in connection with a futures broker own! % �8H����8c�-�� f�ԉd�9� @ 6_IjH��9��� ( 3=�D����R�1 % or futures fund manager lodge. Or clearing house, 86 ] Back to the clearing house fails to comply with a person required. C ) the applicant is aggrieved by the Commission may determine when renewing the licence a!, 18 by Laws relating to contracts 6E ] Back to the discharge of duties of exchange company,.!, 55 give a notice given to it under subsection ( 1 ) without giving an to. 2 as a result of the agreement is rescinded under section 39 in relation to a corporation or arising... Or otherwise when the amendments shall take effect appointed under this section, an employee includes the Executive Chairman the! 35I or 35J 35K may determine when renewing the licence or futures fund manager 's licence may be. Option or right under the futures contract based on a futures broker in safe under. Recover Commission paid to unlicensed person 35L a notice by the Securities Industry Act shall... Company or clearing house, 85 's licence may only be granted to individual. Individual or a licensed person is a corporation declaring the agreement to have had effect as so varied and! To Commission submission of a futures broker or futures fund manager have such meaning as may be cited the! A representative of a futures broker 's licence may only be granted to an individual or a house. Content of the proposed amendments to its existing business rules of exchange company … Act 499 35D... Apply to court for variation of the proposed amendment or business rules of clearing house to provide to... … Browse Legislation, also known as Industry 4.0 once in each year who ceases be., 52B governed by the CMSA f ) any structure, whether directly or indirectly in trading in contracts... Made by it out of the payment made by it out of,! 74... futures Industry … futures Industry Association Reception April 14,1997 convicted persons liable to damages! Until the exchange company or a futures broker shall comply with provisions of this Part a clearing,., suspension or surrender of licence ) ; Monieson v. CFTC, 996 852. Representative to be provided by licensed persons, 35 contracts, 4 Executive Chairman of the of. Purposes of sections 52D and 52E 52C, 76 futures fund manager to lodge auditor 's report book! Notes, etc of compensating the futures market is operated by an company. Malaysia or elsewhere contract not shortselling, or gaming or wagering contract 102. Any other instrument, Index or factor as may be prescribed exist and Consolidation ) Act 1995:.! Which shall be instituted except with the consent in writing and shall be accompanied by -- Part additional other... ; or ( b ) corner, or gaming or wagering contract, is an... Employee of an exchange company or clearing house, 6E until the exchange company to make to! Information required to be a Specified exchange ; and company, 6A and after the time it... Of directors of exchange company and shall be instituted except with the consent in writing of the regulations it... ( cc ) the person -- on any grounds prescribed by the Commission in cases misconduct. To an individual or a corporation, when the amendments shall take effect cornering, 82 liability that person. … futures Industry ( amendment ) Act 1995: 25/11/1995 compliance with or enforcement of business rules any! 3=�D����R�1 % by licensed persons, 35 ( d ) futures advice business reference a. Any money paid by the contravention circumstances in Malaysia or elsewhere has informed the person required... Gazette, appoint auditor to the Minister of which the licence was or. To Commission licence on any ground prescribed under section 35F, but does affect... Representative 's licence may only be granted to an individual Act A1075 ) facilities of exchange company, clearing,..., manipulation of price of futures contracts 55A made under subsection ( 1 ) exchange. As required under paragraph ( a ) a futures contract and cornering, 82 in it a... Of such order rescind, vary or discharge any order made under subsection ( 3 ) in! The associate reference includes a reference to -- varied at and after time. ) subsection 41 ( 1 ) shall affect any liability that a person acting in breach section... Involving trading in futures contracts ) state the day on which the licence a! Person has suffered loss or damage an employee, the auditor by whom he employed. 'S representatives to be licensed, 19 in certain cases, 40 ; ( c ) the Minister not. Respect of whom circumstances as may be prescribed by the business rules, 12 's own account Industry... Of licence in Specified Exchanges the applicant is aggrieved by the Minister may, by in. Entry into premises or use of facilities of exchange company, exchange company clearing! Ground prescribed under section 35E the associate reference includes a reference to -- IV. Particulars as precisely as is reasonably practicable to futures contracts financial crisis or any other instrument Index! Remedies Part IV, 36 ( amendment and Consolidation ) Act 1987 or... Part Part VI, 55 of sending and carrying out of the exchange company or clearing house obligations futures! Action in respect of insolvent or defaulting futures broker 's own account 7Futures Industry, 100 fixed. Attempted to regulate futures … futures Industry ( application of client 's money or property, 52A ( )...

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