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However, first, you need to think of where you’ll be taking your duck hunting boat. They can run essentially out of the water or in water. Uncle J boats will build it to your specs. See all the features here. Plus a kayak does give you the freedom to use it outside of hunting season maybe with the family on the lake or fishing. Phowler boats have been building and creating some of the best duck hunting boats for the past decade. Beavertail Aluminum Folding Dog Ladder. Jan 12, 2020 - Explore Tripp Boggus's board "Duck hunting boat", followed by 129 people on Pinterest. They are so confident that the hulls have a lifetime guarantee on all welds and transoms for as long as you own the boat. amzn_assoc_asins = "B0019M3JQA,B017NI17HQ,B005Q3U5WY,B000CQOIVO"; The Gladiator has one of the more open layouts and floorplans. A duck hunting jacket or a waterfowl jacket as it is sometimes referred to has to protect you from all these conditions in addition to keeping you camouflaged. Big-Water Duck Hunting Dos and Don'ts ... so you have to hide in plain sight. Gallery View Customize . But you’ll need to have the proper accessories if you want to come home with a few ducks at the end of the day. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "waterfowl00-20"; We are huge fans of Best Duck Hunting Blind For Boat and have done our comprehensive research here. However, the Gladiator is also built with step float boxes on the transom making it easier for you and your dog to enter your duck boat. With it's rugged durability & unshakable stability, the Retriever Series boats are some of the most trusted aluminum duck hunting boats on the water. With both seats removed this kayak will provide you with additional storage space. Maybe you’re about to buy a duck boat used and you want to add a few accessories to make it more customer or fit your hunting style. The V makes the boat a lot easier to maneuver when there are choppy waves or rough waters, however, they run a little deeper in the water. Other manufacturers may build their boats with storage, and features that cost a lot but have no value to the hunting you do. When you hear Pro Drive, most people think of shallow water outboards, and you’d be right. Each boat has unmatched detail and craftsmanship. With a wide-open floor plan, welded-in and sealed above the waterline, this craft has the same structure underneath as the standard X series. Each of the series has their own unique backwater uses and capabilities. The Duck Boat Company. Remember, we punish the rocks and ice! Plus there are eight different colors to pick from to match your hunting grounds. Whether fishing or hunting, our boats … Available in Army Green, Earth Brown, Khaki, Black, White, & Light Gray. If you have the option look at the builds Tyler and his team have completed. It’s not as customizable as other duck boats. However, the best duck boat model has to be their Prowler Extreme Sneak Series. ... . The drawback is when you get let’s say a 20′ + boat you limit yourself to being able to hunt small waters and marshes. The drawback is that they are quite loud since the motor is above the surface and closer to the driver. Duck Hunting Kayak. As each hunter has their own way of storing decoys and hunting out of it. There’s a number of V style options, from a complete V hull which runs bow to stern. Choosing one single product from a sea of boat blinds might not be everyone’s cup of tea. War Eagle is known for having the absolute best camo paint and quality. If you’ve never had a Linex bed liner, they are one of the toughest surfaces, not only are they tough against dents, scratches, water, and anything else you can through at it. Forking over $10,000 on a full duck boat is a large investment, however, for less than 5% of that you can have a great duck hunting kayak and still, some cash left over to rig your kayak up perfectly for the style and ducks you are hunting. In 2004, after the Boston Red Sox won the World Series, the duck boats traveled from Fenway Park through the heart of Boston to the Charles River where fans assembled on both sides cheering wildly. I have a choice and my choice is Xpress Boats. The "duck boats" travel on both land and water and come in a variety of colors. Count on seamless integration of blind and boat for superior camouflage and … The "boat" gently descends a ramp into the river where a propeller is lowered into the water. This boat was completely gutted, new transom, new flooring, all materials used includes: stainless hardware, marine grade … The Pro Hull 1754 is decked out with a long list of features packed into a 17-foot hull. After numerous tests and drafts, the X series was built with a tapered chime and smooth bottom giving it better top end speeds, higher weight capacity, and of course maneuverability. The bow of the Gladiator is made extra long, which War Eagle calls the “duckbill”, is made to help push through and deflect grass, cattails, and brush. Again it's a great boat until the timber gets tight and the water gets shallow. When it comes to duck decoys, gun cases, dogs, and anything else you’ll need to take a limit. For example, if you want a custom built matching blind you can add that. Great weight boat for easy transport without sacrificing stand up … Build your dream duck hunting boat with Uncle J Custom Boats. But at the same time, just using any normal kayak for duck hunting will not be the wisest move. These boats outperform all other boats when used in timber laden swamps or narrow ditch environments. Find the best deals for new and used duck hunting and fishing boats near you. However, the wider bottom will provide more stability and floor room for decoys, dogs, and hunters. I would have to say they are one of the only manufactures that stand by a warranty like this. Located in Mountain View, Arkansas, just 70 miles north of Little Rock is where Excel boats tailor their boats to the fishing and hunting their customers need them from. The reason a flat bottom works and is so widely adopted is that it slides and skims over shallow water, logs, brush, and grass.

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